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The Everdrobe Story

Everdrobe is a unique social fashion and style community that was incubated with the goal of helping people to always know what to wear.  It is a place where you’ll discover outfits, styles and people that share your taste in clothes. Are you at a store and not sure if you should get a piece of clothing or an accessory? No worries, Everdrobe is here to help; just snap a picture with your smartphone and get instant feedback from the community. Better yet, do it right from the dressing room to see if it looks good on you. Not sure what to wear to work? Just select "work" filter and swipe through thousands of work outfits to get a quick idea.

As our first customers (thank you all!) took us through our early milestones and opened their closets to the world, together we saw outfits that were going to stay and outfits that were going to go. One person's extra clothes are another's treasure. That was the vision behind making the Everdrobe Shop. Not only can you share and see people's closets, but you can also shop them. On Everdrobe you can list fashion items from your own closet you are tired of and want to sell right from your smartphone.

We all have a unique sense of style that goes well beyond the unrealistic imagery set by the industry. Everdrobe believes in celebrating, rewarding and representing your style as expressed by you.

If you aren’t yet a member, we welcome you to join our community, which loves engaging in the simple act of sharing their outfits and styles to help others express their unique persona, and to connect with like minds.

If you are already a member of everdrobe.com, thank you. We are obsessed with making the product better and better for you every single day.

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